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I decided to write a new post all about my fav ‘must have’ makeup palettes. I havent wrote a blog post in a while & loads of people have been telling me they miss them, I miss writing them too it’s just hard to find the time when I’m so busy! Anyways I have a bit of free time so decided to sit down with the laptop & type away. I have found so many amazing new products & if you follow me on snapchat (iamthealicat is my name) you’ll have seen a few I shared. I’m gonna do another blog post in the next few days all about those as I’m on my holidays from work so have loads of free time!

I have loads of palettes in my kit & I have a bit of an obsession with them. I think you can never have enough palettes and they are so much handier rather than carrying loads of singular products espesh if your going on hols. Aswell, with eyeshadow palettes you can do so many different eye looks with just one palette. I’ll go through all my favs now!

Morphe 35o Palette

Holy God! The Morphe palettes are all to die for. They are so creamy, pigmented and super blendable. I was on the hunt for the 35o palette for months and months because it literally sells out within a few hours. Morphe is an American brand so the palette is only stocked on Cult Beauty & Beauty Bay for us here in Ireland. When they restock they just fly out. I got Beauty Bay to send me an email for when it was restocked in December & I bought 2! The palette is actually huge too, you get 35 shades in one palette!! It’s a mix between matte & shimmers. The colours are greys, browns, warm oranges & wine colours ( right up my street!). I love this palette cause you can just achieve so many different looks with it. It was so cheap too only 27.80 euro on BeautyBay.com. I defo recommend getting any of their palettes as they are literally a dream!

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Blank Canvas Master Series Palette One

The Blank Canvas Master Series palette is a palette that I use on every client. It’s a palette that has 12 neutral shades – 11 velvety matte shades from a vanilla shade to a dark brown shade and 1 shimmery champagne highlighting shade. All of the colours are so pigmented and really easy to blend. I love it because I always wear a brown shade on my eye no matter what look I do and this palette contains literally everything from a light brown, an orange brown to a deep dark brown. Defo gonna be repurchasing when my one runs out. It also comes with a fab double ended brush, a blending brush & a flat brush on the other end. Only 34.99 euro on Blank Canvas website.

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Urban Decay ‘Naked Flushed’ Palettes

The flushed palettes from Urban Decay are the dream. It’s a smallish palette that contains a blush, a highlighter and a bronzer. They are so handy for just having the three altogether and for throwing in your bag. You can use individually or as a trio. The powders in these are so silky and intensely pigmented. They are so convenient. The texture is so light and weightless on your skin. They are available in 7 different shades, my favs are ‘Naked’, ‘Going Native’, ‘Nooner’ and ‘Sesso’. The highlighter and bronzer in ‘Sesso’ is unreal!! 31 euro, such good value and worth every cent!

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Too Faced ‘Sweet Peach’ Palette

I love all of Too Faced products because they are all so luxurious & amazing. I recently got the Sweet Peach palette as I had heard so many people raving about it and all of the colours were right up my street. The palette includes 18 shades of peachy pinks, corals, bronzes & pops of purples. All of the colours are so versatile & none of them are similar. You can create endless amounts of different eye looks with it. The pigments in the shadows are unreal & they all smell delish!! I love wearing the shimmery highlighting shades on my cheek bones too, so they arent only meant for the eyes. This palette will take you from day to-night! 47 euro in Debenhams.

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Makeup Revolution Radiance Lights Palette

I picked this lil palette up in a chemist a couple of months ago. The Makeup Revolution stand caught my eye and I went straight for the highlighters because I’m obsessed with every kind. But I just swatched them on my hand and they were so creamy and pigmented so I just had to buy it. I brought it home and tried it on my face and all three shades are divine! The three shades are ‘breathe’ (golden colour), ‘exhale’ (silvery champagne colour) and ‘glow’ (rose gold colour). All such wearable shades for all skin types. I defo recommend this palette because it’s so handy to have when you want a serious glow and it was only 12 euro.

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Pippa Palette from Blank Canvas

Pippa O’Connor is one of my fav bloggers. She is one of the few that I watch every single day because she is so genuine and she just has a great sense of fashion & beauty. Pippa brought out this little all in one palette for the face and eyes and people went crazy for it! I didn’t own one the first time I used it but I actually was amazed at how good it was. The palette contains 6 eyeshadows, 1 blush, 1 highlighter & 1 bronzer. The palette is suitable for a beginner or a pro. It’s a palette that can be used every single day and is so handy for throwing in your bag. The bronzer, blush and highlighter are all equally amazing because they suit everyone! They are so easy to blend and are super pigmented. The 6 shadows go from nudes, to browns to black. So easy to use and can be used for a natural everyday look to a darker night-time smokey eye look! 10/10 for the palette & I think everyone should own one. Such good value too, 34.99 euro on Blank Canvas. Go Pippa!

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Huda Beauty Rose Gold Edition

THE DREAM!! This is what I live for! This palette by Huda Beauty is literally out of this world. It contains 18 shadows – matte, satin and foil effect textures. It’s just so luxurious. The shadows are so highly pigmented and you get such a great range of colours. You get 7 foil effect texture shadows and they are soooo beautiful. The palette just speaks for itself really! Defo put this on your ‘wish list’. Colours are nudes, browns, wines, rose golds, gold and pinks. 56 euro but sooo worth it! Available on Cult Beauty. The pictures below might cause you to fall in love.

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Urban Decay Nocturnal Palette

This lil palette came out last week and its a must have for everyone. Its limited edition and is so handy for throwing in your handbag. Its small but contains literally all you need. 12 shades from matte to shimmer. You can create a range of totally different looks with this one small palette. It has a nude, two gorg champagne pink shimmers, golden shimmer, browns, peaches, burgundy, purples, greens, navy and black. My personal favs are ‘Baby’ and ‘Midnight Cowboy Rides Again’ (both champagne pinks) , ‘Riff’ gorg orangey brown, ‘Delete’ dark brown and ‘Blackout’ the darkest black shadow you will ever find! Everyone knows how amazing Urban Decay shadows are I don’t even need to explain! You also get a little double ended brush too. So good for neutral looks to smokey looks to looks with a pop of colour. Such good value too, only 31 euro.

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Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Palette

Another beaut from Urban Decay. The Electic Palette contains 10 of the brightest shades you will ever lay eyes on. They range from ultra smooth mattes to highly dimensions shimmers. Each shade delivers insane colour payout because all of the shadows are made from pure pigments which give them a velvet texture, rich colour, serious staying power and blendability. The colours are so strong you literally only need the tiniest bit on your brush. I always slightly dip my brush in the shadow, dab it on my hand and then apply on the eye just because they are so strong. ‘Jilted’ and ‘Urban’ are my favs! If you love colour this palette is a must and if you want to try to introduce more colour into your eye looks then this is a must have! 45 euro.

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Thats all of my must have palettes that I genuinely love. I think there’s one for everyone in there no matter what you like. And I do always love dupe products but for palettes you just cant beat the real deal! And personally I think a palette is a little investment & they are well worth it. I hope you all enjoyed reading my lil post and if you have any questions you can ask me on Facebook or Instagram (@Makeupbyalidarcy) and be sure to follow me on my Snapchat (@iamthealicat) for some tutorials and snaps of new and old products of mine that I love. I’ll have another post for you all later on in the week too! Thanks for the time you all take to read my posts too!

All my love,

Ali X