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Decided to do a new post about my fav skin care bits. It’s so important to look after your skin on daily basis. For me, and I’m sure a lot of people feel the same, if my skin isn’t clear or looking healthy I feel in bits. Whether I put makeup over it or not a spot is a spot and it’s still going to be there, it’s just going to be concealed a bit. I always want to feel good with and without makeup. Remember fab makeup starts with fab skin!

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When I was younger I never realised the importance of taking care of my skin and how easily you can damage it. I love boiling hot showers and used to blast the shower head on my face which unforch lead me to have huge open pores across my cheeks. To this day those pores are still as large as ever and I’m conscious about them. I also used to never take my makeup off going asleep – The worst thing I could do! If only someone told me now what I know now! Rage… By the way if you use wipes you need to STOP!!

I’m sure you all know the usual cleanse,tone and moisturise routine. What ever you do you should have some sort of routine anyways. I have tried tonnes and tonnes of skin care products as I used to suffer with acne and to be honest I found more shite ones than good ones. I’m always changing my products but these days I try to use products that have natural ingredients rather than a heap of chemicals. A lot of products have striped my skin because they contained harsh chemicals. Dont believe everything you read on the front of a product. My new tip is to always read the ingredients on your skin care. Look out for natural ingredients or ingredients you know (glycollic acid) and if your insure of any just google them. I’m going to just go through products and tips that I personally love and know worked on me or a client but just a warning not everything is going to suit everybodys skin it’s all trial and error.

Coconut Oil

If you havent got coconut oil in your house you must be living under a rock..I’m obsessed with it because it’s a multi-use product ( cooking oil, skin care, hair care and massage oil). I use coconut oil to take my makeup off for loads of reasons. It literally takes every bit off my makeup off including stubborn liner. I just grab some coconut oil on my cotton pad (it will be hard) and apply all around my face and it will melt as soon as it touches your skin. I then clean off any excess oil with a clean cotton pad or rinse with warm water. It easily seeps into your pores and moistuirises it deeply. Coconut oil contains loads of vitamin E, anti-ageing properties and lauric acid which is an anti bacterial agent. It’s good for acne, psoriasis and eczema. I find a lot of makeup removers sting my skin especially around my eye area as the skin is so thin, coconut oil never strips my skin or stings it because its natural and contains loads of goodness. It also makes my eyebrows grow so quick and really helps my eyelashes too. Your skin will also feel like a baby’s arse-It’s a win, win! I just use one for Super Value and its called Cocowel 7.99 euro.

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Dark Angels from Lush

For those of you who read my previous post on my ‘Best Beauty Buys of 2016’ you would have read about this. Dark Angels is a face and body cleanser. Its contains charcoal which pulls the dirt from your skin. Its mud based which gives it a deep clean and prevents breakouts and contains avocado oil which is full of vitamins and leaves your skin soft and hydrated. The texture is tough in the pot so you just grab a little bit in your hand and add a little bit of water into your palms and it forms a paste and you just whack it all over your face, massage it and then wash it off.( Warning it is a little bit messy!) I use it twice a day, everyday and it never strips my skin because it’s all natural ingredients. 9.95 euro for the small pot in Lush (I’m on my second pot). Lush has amazing face masks and cleanser for all skin types in store and they all smell unreal!

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Nip + Fab Glycolic fix night pads

These exfoliation pads are amazing if your skin is congested. You get 50 pre-soaked pads which contain glycolic acid(aids natural skin exfoliation), salicylic acid( helps clogged congested skin) and lactic acid (gently weakens the bonds holding dead skin cells together). These plus pads provide your skin with results of an at home acid peel. Use two/three times a week at night after cleansing and your pores will appear more refined and your complexion will appear brighter. Was 20 euro in Boots now 10.50 euro!

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Rose Water from Bio Fresh

I picked up one of these last year when I was having a facial in Bio Fresh in Swords. Rose Water is sooo good for your skin. It can be used to treat acne and skin irritation. It’s really hydrating on your skin, and balances skin PH level. I use this as a toner on my skin and its so refreshing and smells unbelievable. 100% natural and only 9.50 euro.

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Soap and Glory Peaches & Clean deep cleansing milk

I love soap and glory products just because they do exactly what they say. I got this cleanser in a set as a gift and I have repurchased over and over again. It’s a gorg cleansing milk that literally melts away your makeup. It smells diiiiivine!! It has a special clogged pore formula and leaves your skin so soft and glowy. Its a huge bottle and comes with a pump which I love. Just use a few pumps on your cotton pad and cleanse away and then I always rinse my face after. Its only 6.50 euro in Boots and will last you ages.

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Glam Glow Supermud Clearing Treatment

I had been dying to try the Glam Glow masks for the longest time but didn’t want to fork out on one as they are pricey. I recently tried a couple of samples and I fell in love with this one. It can be used as an all over mask or as a spot treatment. It’s a really deep pore cleaning mask that literally brings all of the badness out of your skin. I loved it because it didnt sting or burn my skin so you can use it as many time as you want. This mask is best for oily or acne prone skin or if you want to give your skin a really intense clean. I’m defo forking out 48 euro for the full jar now! Available in Debenhams.

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No.7 Total Renewal Exfoliator

You should always exfoliate your skin especially if you have dry skin as it gets rid of any dead skin cells. Your makeup wont go on smoothly if you don’t exfoliate. This no.7 one is unreal, it’s a micro dermabrasion exfoliator that smooths, refines and renews your skin. You will see instant radiance after you use it. Great for fine lines, dark areas and blemish prone skin. Only use once-twice max a week as it is very rich so no need to over do it! 15 euro in Boots.

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Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Cleanser

This is more of a gel wash cleanser used after taking off your makeup to leave your skin squeeky clean. I love it- its a deep cleansing and purifying formula for clear and radiant skin, smells gorg too! It contains 2% Glycolic Acid (which is great for clearer skin) to gently exfoliate and retexture. It also contains apple amino acid(to cleanse and purify) and olive oil (to hydrate and smooth). Dont get this in your eyes tho, and make sure to always rinse off a few times because if facial washes arent washed off completely it can give you some spots.. 6 euro in Boots now was 10.99 euro.

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Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil from The Body Shop

I love oil cleansers because they take your makeup off sooo much easier. This cleanser is the silkiest softest thing ever. I literally grab a bit in my palm and rub all over my face, eyes until everything feels like it’s moved and then I rinse. Your gonna look like a mess before you wash it off but your face will feel sparkling new and as soft as a baby’s arse. I love it because its super quick and effective.17.50 euro from the Body Shop but is defo worth it in my opinion.

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Soap & Glory No Clogs Allowed Self Heating Deep Pore Detox Mask

That’s a mouthful! This mask blows my mind – amazing for clogged pores. Perfect for weekly use on blackhead prone areas or more often as a detox mask. You apply all over and then wet your hands and massage onto your face until the paste turns from yellow to blue and you feel it heating up. It will heat up by itself as it uses heat to un clog stubborn pores, soften your skin and prevent breakouts. Rub it off after 5 minutes with a wet face cloth. Defo works wonders! 15.99 euro in Boots.

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L’Oreal Clay Detox Mask

If you read my ‘Best Beauty Buys of 2016’ you would have seen me talking about this mask. There is three different types in the range, I have only used the detox one. I wasn’t expecting it to be so good. I have gone through about 3 jars since I first bought it last year. It contains charcoal too which draws out dirt from your skin( I’m all about that life!!) I use it about 2 times a week and my skin feels squeaky clean and fresh after I use it. It’s one of those masks that when you put it on you can actually feel it working. Defo recommend this! Great dupe for the Glam Glow one I mentioned above. After talking about it on my last post so many of you have bought it and loved it so if you havent bought it DO! And if you try the other ones let me know your thoughts. On special for 8 euro in Boots now.
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Burt’s Bees Sensitive Eye Cream
Everyone needs to be using an eye cream from the age of 25 and up. That’s where you age first so you should always keep the area hydrated and firm to prevent this. My eyes are so sensitive ( the skin around your eyes is the thinnest on your body) so I use this Burts Bees one as it’s for sensitive eyes. You should only use the tiniest amount of eye cream anyways. This one prevents puffiness too which I always have. Its natural and fragrance free too. Was 21 euro in Boots now 14 euro.
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Everybody has Sudocrem lying around their house somewhere. This little jar of brilliance is great for spots. Im sure everyone has gone to bed with a sudo face before, I do nearly every night ( my poor bae )! It dries out spots over night so your skin is a lot calmer. The trick is to just apply the smallest bit on where you actually need it otherwise it can create more spots. You defo need to try if you havent before- you’ll look great going to bed!
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Quick Fix Spray from Urban Decay
This was only released last week, but Im obsessed. basically it’s a hydrating, soothing priming and complexion spray that reduced the appearance of pores, brightens and smoothes skin and hydrates it. It contains coconut water so it smells DELISH, like holidays!! Use in the morning before applying your makeup and in the evening before your moisturises or anytime throughout the day for freshening up ( it won’t move your makeup). 30 euro.
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That’s all my fav skin care products at the min,  ( hope you like ) , I always try new cleansers and stuff so I’ll let you know if I find anything more that works really well. The products above are all ones that work well on my skin and have really done what the say on the packaging. I try to keep my skin care as natural as I can as so many products these days contain so many chemicals so I’m always on the look out for paraben free, and natural ingredients. Let me know what you think and if you have any questions or try any of the products you can get me on Instagram and Facebook ( @makeupbyalidarcy ).
All my love,
Ali X