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Welcome back to my blog! It’s been a few weeks since I did a blog post with it being Christmas, getting a new job and being busy freelancing so I just had no time. Happy new year to you all & I hope you all had a fab crimbo! And thanks for all your support and kind comments since I have started my blog. I’m gonna do my best beauty buys of 2016, so makeup and then other little beauty bits which I bought and loved! I’m always trying new products so I’ll list a few which I fell in love with in 2016. Hope you all enjoy reading!

1. Fit Me Foundation by Maybelline

Kicking off my list is one of my fav foundations. Iv talked about it before but it really is so good. I only tried this a few months ago and instantly loved it. It’s hard to find a drugstore foundation that ticks off every box, this one does. It’s great for oily skin and is designed to refine pores (which I need cause mine are huge!) and it’s such good coverage so you don’t need to apply loads. Only 8.99 euro in Boots.

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2. Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer

I read so many good reviews on this and bought it last month. I am hooked! It’s an unreal concealer, covers everything, and is super creamy. Every gal needs to invest in this. I have been using is on myself almost everyday now and on my clients too. The only thing is it’s hard to come across but I know Penneys have been stocking it. It’s only available in three colours, I have nude and light and I find I use light mostly as the colour isn’t that light. 11.99 euro.

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3. Dark Angels from Lush

This stuff isn’t makeup but it is literally out of this world. I popped into Lush on my break only last week and was going to buy a new face mask, I got chatting to the guy that works there and was telling him my skin was in bits and I wanted something to clear it up. He recommended Dark Angels face and body cleanser to me. It has charcoal in it which is great for pulling dirt out from under your skin. Its mud based which gives it a deep clean and prevents breakouts and contains avocado oil which is full of vitamins and leaves your skin soft and hydrated. The texture is tough in the pot so you just grab a little bit in your hand and add a little bit of water into your palms and it forms a paste and you just whack it all over your face, massage it and then wash it off.( Warning it is a little bit messy!) I have only been using it a week and I can already see such a difference. My skin is clearing up and has such a nice glow. I use it everyday, twice a day and you can also use it as a mask if you want a deeper clean which is fab. It smells like those cough sweets which I like! I bought the small pot for I think 9.95 euro. Remember your makeup is going to look a lot nicer when you look after your skin so that’s why I put this on my list.

Image result for dark angels lushImage result for dark angels lush

4. Makeup Geek Eye Shadows & Z Palettes

I bought some Makeup Geek eyeshadows last year as most of my fav You Tubers go on about them. I just ordered some one payday and thank god I did! These shadows are SO pigmented and have such a gorgeous texture.They have a variety of colours available which is always a plus. I defo recommend ordering some of these if you like shadows. Some of my favs are Frappe, Cocoa Bear, Chickadee, Bitten and Morocco. The shadows are only sold in a single pan so I ordered a Z Palette along with them. This is an empty magnetic palette so you can build and customise your very own palette. I also depotted my MAC shadows and added them into my Z Palette so I can have all my fav shadows in the one place. Super easy and saves so much space. I bought mine from Beauty Bay. MUG shadows are 7.23 euro each and Z Palette in large is 21 euro but can be bought in small or medium for a cheaper price.

Image result for mug frappe and cocoa bearImage result for mug frappe Image result for mug chickadeeImage result for mug bittenImage result for mug bitten   Image result for makeup geek morocco Image result for makeup geek morocco

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5. Catrice Glow Highlighter

I’m always going on about this one but it’s only because I refuse to live without it. It’s so pigmented and gives you such a strong glow with only the smallest amount of product. You get loads in the pan too. My fav find of 2016. If you ever see one buy it just because they are usually sold out and I pinky promise you’ll be obsessed. 5.50 euro in Penneys or McCabes.

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6. Duraline

I bought duraline in the Summer time because my Inglot 77 gel liner had dried out a little bit. Now I can’t do makeup without it. Add a drop into whatever gel’s you have that have dried out a little bit and it will bring them back to life. I also use it on it own on a brush to clean up my winged liner. It’s amazing for that, it gives your liner such a sharp finish and leaves no mess. Especially with Inglot’s 77, once you make a mistake its hard to clean up but Duraline works amazing!! You only use a teeny tiny bit too. I also use it to make shadows or lip sticks into a liquid. Great thing to have in your makeup bag. 12 euro in Inglot.

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7. All Nighter Setting Spray from Urban Decay

This stuff is a god send. It makes your makeup last fresh for about 16 hours. Its weightless and doesn’t change or move your makeup after you apply which I find other setting sprays do. Its oil free and has temperature control so it lowers the temperature of your makeup to keep it in place – em unreal?! It’s also so good to avoid makeup sitting into your fine lines. Hunni if you want your makeup to last you need to use this! One of my fav buys in 2016, really is a game changer. 12 euro for the travel size or 30 euro for the full size in Urban Decay.

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8. Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser by Maybelline
I gave this primer a go not thinking it was gonna be that great but turns out it’s now one of my favs. I have large open pores on my cheeks and I’m so conscious of them, so anything that’s gonna help minimise the look of them is a winner for me. This primer leaves the skin feeling soft (like a baby’s arse)  and avoids that shine on your face. It vanishes pores which is a dream come through for a gal like me! 11.49 euro in boots.
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9. L’Oreal Clay Detox Mask
This is a mask which was released last year. There is three different types in the range, I bought the detox one. I wasn’t expecting it to be so good. I have gone through about 3 jars since I first bought it last year. It contains charcoal too which draws out dirt from your skin( I’m all about that life!!) I use it about 2 times a week and my skin feels squeaky clean and fresh after I use it. It’s one of those masks that when you put it on you can actually feel it working. Defo recommend this! Great dupe for the Glam Glow one. On special for 8 euro in Boots now.
Image result for loreal detox maskImage result for loreal detox mask
10. NYX HD Blusher in Coraline
I always struggled to find a blusher I really loved but this year I found one. I hate applying blusher because most of them have a slight shimmer in them which on me is rot. I have open pores on my cheeks so last thing I wanna do is apply a shimmery blush cause it’s just gonna make them noticeable. So I found this gorgeous blush from NYX. It’s a matte blush so it has zero shimmer ( thank Jesus Christ!!) and is such a fab coral colour which suits me best. I have been using it everyday since and I use it on a lot of clients too because it tends to suit nearly everyone. 7.75 euro in Boots.
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So those are my top finds of 2016, obviously I have so many other favourites but I have been using those before 2016. These 10 are products I found throughout the year and fell in love with. I included the mask and cleanser just because they are both amazing and they will help give you better skin which is so important. Makeup isn’t just about the actual makeup products, it’s about looking after your skin too. Defo try some of these, or all cause I promise you will love. Thanks for reading and if you have any questions or anything just ask me. ( Instagram & Facebook @makeupbyalidarcy). Here’s to 2017, more blog posts and more fab beauty finds! Also if you have any topics you would like me to blog about please let me know!
All my love,
Ali X