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I hope you all enjoyed reading my last post which was all about concealers! This blog is going to be about the makeup brushes which I swear by. I have a mixture of different brands so Ill talk about them all and I can leave links aslo if anybody wants to splash the cash on some new brushes! Happy reading!

If you love makeup as much as I do then I’m sure your obsession with makeup brushes is as strong as mine. Having good quality brushes makeup makes your application 184239 times better! Purchasing good makeup brushes is such a fab investment because gurl you are gonna look flawless!You don’t need 100’s of makeup brushes to achieve a flawless look. And you definitely don’t need to break the bank.

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Foundation Brushes

It took me a few  years to find my holy grail foundation brushes, one that doesn’t soak up and eat all of my foundation but gives me that seamless finish..

  • Blank Canvas F20 – I cannot live without this brush. It’s a flat, dense, short haired brush. This is like a magic wand and it cuts your application time in half and you also use a lot less foundation because it doesn’t eat it up. It gives you a HD finish by stippling or buffing your foundation onto your skin. You can now get different coloured handles for this brush and its only 14.99 euro on Blank Canvas. UNREAL! Image result for f20 brush
  • Real Techniques Expert Face Brush is also a must have for me and I love using it on my clients as it gives such a flawless finish. This brush is quite small and dense but its really good for buffing foundation right into every part of your face. It also never sheds any hair, 14.99 euro in Boots.                                                                         Image result for real techniques face expert brush
  • Sigma F80 is another absolute must have. Again it’s a flat kabuki brush that buffs foundation onto the skin so quickly. You will always achieve a perfect finish with this brush. The only downside is it does take a good bit longer to clean this brush but it’s worth it! Never sheds hairs. 21.95 euro on Cloud.10.Image result for sigma f80
  • MAC 188 Small Duo Fibre Brush is another one of my favs for a natural foundation application. It’s a great one for everyday use and if you just want a light/medium coverage. You will have streak-free foundation. 35 euro in BT. Image result for mac 188

Concealer Brushes 

A good concealer brush is essential especially for applying under your eyes.

  • No.7 Concealer Brush has been a holy grail brush of mine for a few years now and mine is still in perfect condition. Its a small, flat brush and is perfect for applying under my eyes as its such a good size. I have quite sensitive eyes and this brush is super soft so it never makes my eyes water. 11 euro in Boots.Image result for no.7 concealer brush
  • Zoeva 142 Concealer Buffer is amazing for buffing out your concealer and blending it into your foundation. I’m obsessed with Zoeva brushes they are such good quality and so affordable. Use a circular motion to give you an amazing finish! Super soft too and only 10.50 euro on Zoeva. I always use this brush on my clients.  Image result for zoeva concealer buffer
  • Morphe MB10 Concealer Brush is very like the No.7 one as its the same flat shape. I only recently purchased this and it’s so good as I love the shape as its quite pointed which is so good for getting right up under the eye. Only 3.80 euro on Beauty Bay, stop the lights..!!                                                              Image result for morphe mb10
  • Real Techniques Miracle Sponge is a must have for me. I refuse to do my makeup without it. I apply my concealer with my brush and for extra fleekage I then blend with my sponge using patting motions. This is so quick and literally blends it so perfectly so you’ll have crease free concealer! Defo purchase this. 7.99 euro in Boots. Image result for real technique sponge

Powder Brushes 

For powdering I love a big, fluffy brush which is quick but also doesn’t miss a spot.

  • Real Techniques Powder Brush is my must have powder brush. It rarely sheds hairs which a lot of powder brushes do. Its so soft and super fluffy but applies powders so well and give you a smooth HD look. 18.99 euro in Boots. Image result for real technique powder brush
  • Crown Brush C107 Jumbo Powder Dome is also amazing and gives you a flawless pwder finish and is sooo soft on your face! 13.89 euro. Image result for crown brush c107

Blusher,Highlighting & Contouring Brushes

  • Blank Canvas F15 Small Tapered Brush is the only brush I will use to apply blusher. It is such a good shape. It’s quite small so it just applies the right amount of blusher. The tapered tip makes the application so precise. This is a multi- purpose brush so can be used for contouring and highlighting too but I personally just use it for blusher. 14.99 euro.                                       Image result for blank canvas f15
  • Zoeva 128 Cream Cheek is the contour brush I use and it is perfect!!It’s my top favourite! The angled shape fits the cheekbones perfect so you can achieve that flawless contour. It blends my powder contour shade perfectly so I don’t end up with those harsh lines. 15.50 euro on Zoeva.  Image result for zoeva 128
  • Bobbi Brown Eye Blender Brush is the brush I mainly use to apply my highlighter. I do not use this brush for my eyes funny enough. I just love how fluffy it is and it just applies my highlighter so nice and evenly. I genuinely cant live without this brush as I’m a hightlighter freakkk! Its 34.50 euro in BT, very pricey but I have this brush for about 6 years now and it’s still perfect. Well worth the money in my opinion. Image result for bobbi brown eye blender brush
  • Blank Canvas F05 Fan Brush is also a brill fan brush to apply your highlighter. This applies your highlighter so nice and evenly. I use my Bobbi Brown and then use this after because you can never have enough layers of highlighter on! 10.99 euro. Image result for blank canvas f05

Eyeliner & Brow Brushes

  • MAC 263 Angled Brush is a MUST have for a sweat free eyeliner application. Your eyeliner prob isn’t working out well for you cause your brush isn’t great. I swear by this brush as it does a lot of the work for you. If you want a fleeky winged liner then get this asap! 22 euro in BT, pricey but 100% worth it I promise. Image result for mac 263
  • Zoeva 317 Wing Liner is what I SWEAR BY for my brows. I don’t like to use it for my eyeliner, just my brows. Its more angular than normal which I love and it’s super soft so it adapts to your brow hair. Love this brush so much ! 9.50 euro on Zoeva. Image result for zoeva 317

Eye Shadow Brushes 

I have tonnes of eye brushes and I could write and write about these but I have narrowed it down for you all, you really only need a few.

  • Zoeva 227 Soft Definer is the perfect blending brush. Its super soft, and the size is perfect for the overall blending brush. This gives you a super soft finish, especially if you have small eyes like me. It’s a must have of mine. 10.50 euro. Image result for zoeva 227
  • Morphe E36 Detail Crease is amazing for defining your crease and then you can blend it out. Its super small so it gets right in there. 5.80 euro Image result for morphe e36
  • Morphe B80 Pointed Crease Brush is another must have of mine. I use this everyday no matter what look I do. Its so fluffy and the sixe is just perfect- not too big or small. 5.80 euro.                                                                         Image result for morpheb80
  • Blank Canvas E24 Flat Shader is another one of my favs as it is perfect for patting on or packing eyeshadow onto your lid. Its so quick and simple. Just layer a shadow all over your eye and then blend it out using a transition shade. 7.99 euro. Image result for blank canvas e24

So I have only listed 4 shadow brushes as I have so many and a lot of them are the same but these are the best of the best. You can achieve numerous eye looks with just 4 brushes. If you do want me to go into more detail with blending brushes or eyeshadow brushes just ask me and I can!

Brush Hygiene

 It’s so important to look after your brushes because number 1 they will last you years if they are taken care of and number 2 your skin will be affected if you don’t clean them. You should only wash your brushes with either baby shampoo or fairy liquid. I usually use Johnsons Baby Shampoo as its so gentle but cleans them so quick and I love the smell. You should at wash your brushes at least once a week to prevent bacteria and product building up. Just wash in warm water not hot as it will cause the glue to melt. Leave to dry over night with the brush head off the edge of a window sill or a counter top. ( see image below) Don’t leave flat down or it is just lying in its own dampness and won’t dry correctly.

Image result for brush drying off end of counterImage result for johnson's baby shampoo

Heres the links for the websites for every brush brand I mentioned :


I hope you all enjoyed that and I would defo reccomend investing in a few as it will really change your makeup application for the better. Let me know what you all think and if you have any questions do ask me! I love all of these brushes as they are such good quality and affordable too. You can follow me on here too or on Instagram (@makeupbyalidarcy) Thanks for reading!

All my love,

Ali X