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Thanks for all of the love on my last post ( Spanx for the face ), and for all your feedback! I love when you tell me your trying some of the products I recommended. So I decided my next post would be dishing the dirt on the best of the best dupe products out there. There is literally tonnes and tonnes of great dupes out there that nobody knows. I love an oul MAC lippy but I also love finding a dupe that’s like 10 euro cheaper. My list is different types of products but warning there is a few lipsticks as I have a serious addiction…sorry not sorry! Enjoy reading!


MAC ‘cherish’ – vs – Maybelline ‘ totally toffee’ 

MAC’s ‘cherish’ is one of my must have nudes, I wear it almost everyday and it’s one I always repurchase. Its a gorgeous brown undertone nude and has a satin finish so your lips are nice and moisturised. This one is sold out a lot of the time but defo a must have ( 20 euro ). The Maybelline ‘totally toffee’ is an perfect match its so creamy and long lasting and is half the price! ( 9.69 euro )

Image result for mac cherish      Image result for maybelline totally toffee lipstick


Dior ‘Diorshow Mascara’ – vs – L’Oreal ‘Voluminous Mascara’ 

I don’t know if it’s just me but I very seldom love any mascara, I rarely repurchase any I always try new ones. I tried the Dior one a few months ago and I just loved the brush and how it separated my lashes and made them proper black! I read online about the L’Oreal one and bought it the next day to try. My god, SO alike, if not better! The L’Oreal brush is basically the same as the Dior one, I think thats why it’s such a good dupe. To be honest I prefer the L’Oreal one because the formula is a lot nicer and it just goes on much smoother and evenly. Defo save your money and purchase the L’Oreal one. Dior is 34 euro and L’Oreal is 10 euro!

Image result for diorshow mascara wandImage result for loreal voluminous mascara

Nars ‘Orgasm’ blush – vs – Sleek ‘Rose Gold’ blush

If you didn’t already know Nars ‘Orgasm’ is one of the best selling blushers worldwide. There are so many dupes for it. Its a tone that suits everyone’s cheeks. The Sleek ‘Rose Gold’ is more pigmented then Nars so you dont need much product on your brush but it has the same tiny gold flecks as ‘Orgasm’. Nars is slightly more coral ( 30 euro ) while Sleek is a brighter pink ( 6.49 euro).

Image result for nars orgasmImage result for sleek rose gold blush

Image result for sleek rose gold blush


MAC ‘Painterly’ paint pot – vs – Maybelline colour tattoo in ‘Nude Pink’ 

‘Painterly’ was one of my top ten must haves in my first blog post. I cannot live without it. I came accross these Maybelline colour tattoo’s when I was studying makeup in college. I picked up ‘Nude Pink’ as it looked most like ‘Painterly’ in the shop. When I brought it home…flawless dupe!!!! The only difference between these is you get 1g more worth of product with MAC. Painterly (19.50 euro) & Nude Pink (10.49). Defo invest in one of these as they keep your eyeshadow in place all day and night!

Image result for painterly vs maybelline colour tattooImage result for painterly vs maybelline colour tattoo

MAC ‘Ruby Woo’ – vs -Rimmel ‘Kiss of Life’ 111

My go to red is ‘Ruby Woo’, it’s a worldwide best selling red! I love wearing naked eyes and a strong red lip. I only really use MAC lipstick’s as I feel like they are well worth the money as they really do stay on all day. The Rimmel lipstick’s are also vvvv.good! ‘Ruby Woo’ is very VERY matte where as ‘Kiss of Life’ is more mosturising. When ‘Ruby Woo’ sets is almost impossible to smear where as ‘Kiss of Life’ tends to last about 5 hours. Ruby Woo (20 euro) Kiss of Life (7.49 euro)

Image result for ruby woo vs rimmelImage result for rimmel kiss of life

Benefit ‘Brow Zing’ – vs – Sleek ‘Brow Kit’ 

These are identical twins! The packaging is the exact same, right down to the mini tweezers and brushes. Sleek offers four shades while Benefit offers three – I have ‘light’ in both brands. The creamy wax and powders are the exact same, so I defo recommend getting the Sleek to save money as they are twinnies! Benefit (35 euro) Sleek ( 11.99 euro)

Image result for benefit brow zing lightImage result for sleek brow kit in light

Makeup Forever ‘HD Foundation’ – vs – Revlon ‘Photo Ready Airbrush Effect’

I was raving about MUFE HD foundation in my ‘Spanx for the Face’ blog post. I bloody love the finish of this foundation on every skin. It gives the most flawless base. When I saw Revlon Photo Ready in boots the word airbrush had me convinced. I tried it and it’s such a good dupe for MUFE HD foundation. Revlon is oil free where as MUFE is not, Revlon’s the winner! MUFE HD foundation ( 43 euro ) Revlon Photo Ready (18.99 euro) Bbbbargain!

Image result for mufe hd foundationImage result for revlon photoready

YSL ‘Touche Eclat’ – vs – Seventeen ‘Skin WOW Concealer’

The YSL ‘Touche Eclat’ is a well known beauty cult! But the Seventeen ‘Skin Wow’ is a close match. It’s a super dupe. I use this for brightening under my eyes and both work amazing, the YSL coverage is slightly better but ‘Skin Wow’ works wonders. I would defo purchase the ‘Skin Wow’ so your under eyes are super bright! Even the packaging is similar. YSL (35 euro) Seventeen (6.99 euro).

Image result for touche eclatImage result for touche eclat and seventeen dupe

MAC ‘Velvet Teddy’ – vs – Penneys ‘Manhattan’

The famous Kylie Jenner lip- Velvet Teddy. I have to say I love it- such a nice browny matte nude. You can’t go wrong with this colour, it suits everyone. Well, Penneys has a gorgeoussss dupe – ‘Manhattan’. Its such a good buy and goes on gorgeous and lasts a good while too! It also has a matching gloss at the bottom of the packaging, brill! Velvet Teddy (20 euro) Manhattan (2 euro)…Get ‘Manhattan’ ASAP huns!

Image result for velvet teddyImage result for penneys manhattan lipstick

MAC ‘Soar’ lipliner – vs – Penneys ’09’ lipliner

‘Soar’ is a lipliner I always have in my kit, it’s such a nice colour that you can wear on its own or paired with a nude or pink lipstick. When Penneys brought out their makeup range I tried the lipliners and HOLY SMOKES…They are so good and creamy. I defo recommend getting all of the colours but ’09’ is the perfect dupe for ‘Soar’! ‘Soar’ (17.50 euro) ’09’ (1.50 euro) GET IT!

Image result for soar liplinerImage result for penneys 09 lip liner

Benefit ‘Gimme Brow’ – vs – Essence ‘Make me Brow’

I always recommend using a brow gel after applying your product just so they stay perfect. Essence ‘Make me Brow’ is such an amazing dupe for Benefit’s ‘Gimme Brow’. Even the little wands are twins! Benefit (26 euro ) Essence (3.10 euro)

Image result for essence make me brow

Mac ‘Strobe Cream’ – vs – Botanics ‘Radiance Balm’

I was chatting about Strobe Cream in my previous posts and how it makes you glow and also works great as a  primer! Well Botanics ‘Radiance Balm’ is also unbelievable. They both pick your skin up and give you a gorgeous glow, giving you a brighter and more radiant complexion. Strobe Cream (10.50 euro for travel size ) Botanics (6.37 euro on special)

Image result for strobe creamImage result for botanics radiance balm

I could actually keep going for a good while but I’ll keep it short and sweet! I hope you enjoyed reading and do let me know what you think. Try the products I recommended and let me know if you like or dislike! I love hearing your reviews too. You can follow me here on Blogspot too so your notified whenever I post a blog so you won’t miss a thing!  Also if any of you have any topics you want me to cover on here do please throw your ideas at me and I’ll definitely get to it! Thanks for all your love on my last post you all seemed to have enjoyed it.

Happy reading!

All my love my fellow huns,

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