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I got such good feedback on my last post so I’m glad you all picked up a few tips and enjoyed reading it – thanks for all the love! During the week I was narrowing it down to what topic my next blog post would be andddd as you can tell from my title its going to be about ”Spanx for the face”. You are probably like this one is touched, butttt spanx for the face is foundation, and like spanx who on earth can live without it!

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So I know shopping for foundation can be a tad bit over whelming because you don’t know what one will suit your skin. Well now I’m here to save your foundation fails! We all want a perfect, flawless face after we apply our foundation so heres some advice from me.


” I’m nc25 in MAC what shade am I in Nars?! ” I always want to try new foundations especially ones which are online and I don’t know what shade to buy because I can’t see them in the flesh. This was the bain of my bloody life until god led me to Findation.com. I only found out about Findation this year and it’s soooo handy! Basically you just click on and enter the brand and the shade of the foundation you already use which then finds you your shades in every other brand from high end to drug store. Life = changed!! I definitely recommend going on a seeing what shades you are in so many different foundations.

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Know your skin

To purchase the right foundation you need to know your skin type. Every time I have a client I ask what skin type they have and a lot of people give me the ”emmm”. So there are three main types – oily, dry or normal/combination. If you find your skin gets quite greasy and oily then you more than likely have oily skin, like me! If you find your skin is flaky or rough then you prob have dry skin and if your skin is dry in some areas and oily on your t-zone then you have combination skin. Ask someone or read the bottle before you purchase a foundation to see what skin type it is suitable for.

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Test it!

See or heard about a foundation you think you might love but not sure if it will sit well on your skin? Ask for a tester. Don’t be afraid to ask an employee for a tester of some foundation you want to try, its not cheeky, they would be more than happy to give it to you. Don’t fork out 40 euro for a foundation you have never tried just in case you don’t like it. Take the tester home and give it a few tries and if your happy with it and it suits your skin then purchase a full bottle!

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Oily skin

Enough of me rambling, time to give my recommendations of what foundations are best for all your skin needs. So if you have oily skin you need to use an oil free foundation so it doesnt slide off your face.

  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid is my all time favourite foundation. I have talked about it in my previous post so I wont go on too much about it. Basically it doesn’t budge and will last all day and night. Its a medium to full coverage with a matte finish. Definitely get a tester for this if you havn’t tried it yet. (32 euro)   Image result for studio fix fluid
  • Too Faced ‘Born This Way’ is so so gorgeous for oily skin! This is an oil free foundation with a medium to full coverage. It has such a flawless finish, you can’t notice you have makeup on but also covers everything, amazingg! (39 euro in Debenhams)                        Image result for born this way foundation
  • Giorgio Armani ‘Luminous Silk’ the most dreamy foundation ever made!! I love it but I tend to keep it for when I’m going on a night out. Again an oil free foundation thats hydrating and gives a seamless finish. Its so lightweight with a buildable coverage. Five stars from me, you’ll definitely get loads of compliments when you wear this. ( 45 euro in BT)                                                                       Image result for giorgio armani luminous silk foundation
  • L’Oreal ‘Infallible Matte’ is such a good buy, again its oil free and if you like a matte finish this is brilliant. Lasts 24hrs, waterproof, steamproof, medium to fill coverage and isn’t cakey at all! Such a good price too. (12 euro in Boots) Image result for l'oreal infallible matte
  • Maybelline ‘Fit Me Matte’ I talked about this lil beaut in my last post and its such a great buy. I always have one of these in my makeup bag as I normally wear it during the week. It’s the perfect dupe for MAC SFF. Oil free and just gives you amazing coverage and such a fleeky finish! (8.99 euro in boots)

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Dry Skin

Now moving on to all you dry skin gals. You need something that’s hydrating and gives you a nice smooth luminous finish. Here’s my top picks..

  • YSL ‘Touche Eclet’ is sooo amazing for dry skin, it’s an illuminating foundation that doesn’t contain any powders so it wont cling to dry areas. It evens your complexion and gives you a smooth finish. (42 euro in BT) Image result for touche eclat foundation
  • MAC ‘Studio Sculpt’ is a gel based creamy product that is super hydrating and instantly brightens your face. Medium to full coverage and has an amazing satin finish. Suitable for all skin types but works best on dry skin. (36 euro) Image result for studio sculpt mac

Revlon ‘Colour Stay’ is specially designed for dry skin. Super hydrating and keeps your moisture level balanced. Medium to full coverage and not cakey at all! Fab! ( 18.99 euro in Boots)                                                                                                                                                                      Image result for revlon colorstay


Well for all you normal/combination, I’m very jealous of you! You can basically wear any foundation. Here are some of my favourites.

  • Makeup Forever ‘HD Foundation’ I am obsessed with this foundation as it makes you look like bloody Beyonce! I used to use this all of the time but I had to lay off it cause I had to keep layering on the powder. So now I wear it the odd time when I’m able to top up and that. Its gorgeous! Its suitable for most skin types and has no spf so I love wearing it on a night out as you don’t get a flashback from the camera ( no white faces)! (43 euro in MUFE)                                     Image result for ultra hd makeup forever
  • L’Oreal ‘True Match’ is a super dupe for the Armani foundation I mentioned above except its not oil free. I love it because it literally glides onto your skin! It gives a super gorgeous finish and leaves your skin feeling so natural but it also has a great coverage. It doesn’t feel like your wearing makeup. You’ll be the spit of Cheryl! (14.99 in Boots)                                                           Image result for l'oreal true match
  • Stila ‘Stay All Day” says it all! It literally lasts all day, I love this as it suits almost everybody. It glides onto the skin and hides all those imperfections, it’s also super hydrating! This also contains a creamy concealer on the lid which is brill for dark circles. Oil free too, but also super hydrating. I would highly recommend this one! (39.50 euro in M&S)                             Image result for stila stay all day foundation

So I think that’s all for now, let me know if I missed anything or if you have any questions! I hope you enjoyed, defo try Findation and go get loads of testers to try different ones. I guarantee you’ll love the one’s I recommended cause they are all a dream!! Again Im very sorry if I have made any spelling mistakes, I’m blind when I’m proof reading! You can follow me on here ( wordpress) and please let me know if you liked this post. Thanks for reading.

All my love,

Ali X